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The magic
of craft

We showed Cheat how to own what makes them unique, with a brand that proved sheer creativity has serious business clout.

The situation

Founded in 2015, Cheat is an independent post production studio offering exceptional quality colour and finishing work. Cheat came to us for strategic business and brand guidance. Growing fast, they needed to differentiate themselves from the industry’s established giants to win new clients. HelloYes showed Cheat how to tell their authentic story, turning their smaller size and independent spirit into a strength, David and Goliath style.

The solution

Unearthing what sets Cheat apart, we positioned the brand as rebellious, impactful, and creative through and through. Run by creatives for creatives, Cheat takes a new approach – staying nimble, bringing tonnes of personality, and doing everything in service of their art and craft. That’s their path to industry-rocking work. This concept – ‘the magic of craft’ – formed the foundation for the entire brand expression, from messaging to digital design.

What we did

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Identity
  • Digital Design
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Elevator pitch. Mission. Vision. Values. USPs. Personality.
Tone of voice.

We defined it all, giving the brand a strong foundation for all its expression.

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The best stories are true stories.

Through close analysis and illuminating interviews, we uncovered the magic at the heart of Cheat and showed the team how to shout about their many strengths.

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At its core, the brand was black and white.

We drew the extended palette directly from Cheat’s vibrant colour grading work, letting their creativity shine.

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It all hinged on the Cheat line.

The ownable 6° tilt embodies the new perspective Cheat brings, plus the art of the illusion that’s at the heart of their work.

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The typography was loud and rebellious.

In the best possible way.

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Creative flair. Cultural credibility. Business transformation.

The new identity united it all, helping Cheat make a splash and win a new wave of clients.

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When attitude meets substance, magic unfolds.

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“HelloYes went so deep into our brand and culture that we learnt more about who we were as a company. The brand development work now influences every decision we make at Cheat.

The visual identity elevates our brand, conveying everything we do. Simplicity is complicated – they made it feel easy.

The rebrand was a complete commercial success and was received very well by our industry, with increased brand recognition leading to an increase in new enquiries that’s still continuing."

Toby Tomkins - Founder Cheat