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Talent is


We helped futureproof Frame 25 for the new world of broadcast by framing the business as a fast-moving, strategic talent consultancy.

The situation

Founded in 2009, Frame 25 knows broadcast recruitment inside out. While they support top broadcast businesses like the BBC, they were increasingly working with digital-first content owners like Netflix and Amazon. Frame 25 needed a brand that showed they ‘get’ this new world, serving and shaping it as it shifts and grows.

The solution

Frame 25 was no longer simply a ‘recruiter’. We reframed it as a creative and tech talent consultancy, partnering with businesses of all shapes and sizes to bring them the best people – effectively and insightfully. This fresh, strategic lens allowed the business to showcase the insight, ongoing support and serious value they offer their clients.

What we did

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand messaging
  • Brand identity
  • Digital design
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We defined the brand’s identity, narrative and messaging, bringing it to life with cut-through copy.

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The new logo was inspired by the standard timecode format 0:00:00:00. A nod to the history of the industry, and its changing times.

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We designed and built a new website and mastered the backend integration of job boards, plus application tracking.

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Frame 25 future-proofs their clients. We future-proofed them.

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Having worked with HelloYes on a number of projects I’ve consistently been impressed with their approach and knowledge. From building out the brand for a new business to rebranding an existing one, they’ve added significant value to the process each time, and are not afraid to challenge and be challenged.

Tom Pammenter - CEO Frame 25