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Guardian Sport
Keeping pace with the Euros

52 social-first videos. 52 matches. 31 days. 24 teams. 46mins 16secs of animation. 571 custom designed scenes. 1 smart, super-flexible system.

The situation

Guardian Sport wanted to up their game to offer a wider range of digital editorial content and boost their engagement. They understood the power of video but needed a partner to help them get it right. With Euro 2016 on the horizon, they called on HelloYes to show them how to create relevant, fast-response, social-ready content.

The solution

We teamed up with Guardian Sport to create an ambitious 52 videos. Dropping at key moments throughout the tournament, the videos served as pre-match teasers for the games. We created attention-grabbing, timely content that chimed with fans. And we devised a flexible template system that allowed us to keep up the pace.

What we did

  • Sports branding
  • Motion design
  • Social
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We stayed true to the Guardian Sports brand, while bringing it up to speed for digital. And we played in the official Euros branding, plus the colours of 24 teams.

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Energy. Excitement. Speed. We captured what makes the tournament so magnetic, unleashing it into fans’ social feeds.

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Euro 2016 TV 01

Football moves fast. And so do we. We devised a super-flexible system that meant these highly customisable videos could be produced in as little as 24 hours, empowering Guardian Sport to keep pace with the fans.

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Seconds of animation
Custom designed scenes
Hours to script & animate each video
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