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Hive 25

Taking the sting out of rostering

Hive 25 takes the sting out of rostering. We helped them sing about what they do best, with a sales-friendly brand toolkit.

The situation

Hive 25 is a smart rostering platform that brings together businesses, recruitment agencies and freelancers, solving all sorts of headaches associated with finding and booking flexible talent. When Hive 25 engaged HelloYes, they had a winning product. What they needed was a clear brand system and sales kit to help them sell it.

The solution

HelloYes helped Hive 25 communicate with clarity and consistency. We interrogated the product, its customers and their journeys and used this insight to create a compelling narrative and key messaging for the brand, as well as a stand-out look and feel. We captured all this thinking in an actionable toolkit, so the magic could live on.

What we did

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand messaging
  • Brand identity
  • Digital design
  • Motion content
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The brand mark? A hexagonal cube. Its robust frame evokes the reassuring structure Hive 25 offers its users.

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We created an isometric, illustrated world representing the many facets of Hive 25’s service.

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A friendly look and feel met its match with a warm, empathetic tone of voice.

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Having worked with HelloYes on a number of projects I’ve consistently been impressed with their approach and knowledge. From building out the brand for a new business to rebranding an existing one, they’ve added significant value to the process each time, and are not afraid to challenge and be challenged.

Tom Pammenter - CEO Hive 25