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A leading light

We positioned Noorin – a multi-faceted industrial services company – as a mission-driven, innovative industry leader.

The situation

Noorin Industrial Complex is a private industrial park located in Zangan Province, Iran, providing commercial and industrial companies with centralised, purpose built, industrial property. Providing innovative industrial infrastructure, Noorin’s reach is significant. They needed a brand that conveyed this vision and scope.

The solution

First, we helped Noorin articulate the group’s mission, vision and personality. Their mission? To power technological, industrial and social development and to help lay the foundations for a brighter future for all. Next, we set about bringing this to life visually. We discovered Noor means ‘light’, while Noorin means ‘has light inside itself’. We let this be the inspiration for a new, inspiring visual identity to position Noorin as a leading light.

What we did

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand messaging
  • Brand identity
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We defined Noorin’s mission, vision and personality, then crafted a strategically-informed visual identity.

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We were led by the light inherent in Noorin’s name, as well as the multi-faceted and far-reaching nature of their offering. And we drew inspiration from traditional Iranian geometric designs.

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Light, warmth and positivity heralded Noorin as a mission-driven, innovative industry leader.

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