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What can you do?

We crafted a democratic, diverse brand to take Treedo from the seed of an idea to a growing business.

The situation

Treedo is an online platform for people to promote their creativity, enabling them to connect, share and market their talents. The founders had a bold idea. But to go to market they needed a standout brand. One that conveyed their democratic roots and the diversity of their users’ talents.

The solution

We created a unique brand positioning for Treedo, defining their elevator pitch, mission, vision, values, personality, tone of voice and more. At the heart of it all? The celebration of people’s innate creativity and talent. Then we put our strategy into action, with an organic-yet-bold look and feel and effortless UX to take Treedo to new heights.

What we did

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Brand messaging
  • Digital design
  • User experience
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An attention-grabbing icon carefully combined a tree, arrow and a star, embodying growth, momentum and aspiration.

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An angular visual language nodded to Treedo’s socialist roots.

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We masterminded Treedo’s UI and UX, across their website and app.

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Treedo Apple Watch
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HelloYes nurtured Treedo all the way from idea to reality, working together to create growth.

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HelloYes were a dream to work with, helping us create a clear roadmap for the brand and bringing to life the essence of what the Treedo community is all about – championing the creativity of people and the talents they possess.

Adam Sparrow - Founder Treedo