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London creative.

Global production.

We gave a pioneering, premium production company an iconic brand that conveyed their creative and commercial prowess.

The situation

Weekend is an ideas-led creative production company, making cinematic films for the biggest brands. Based in London, the team shoots all over the globe. Growing fast, they needed a brand that captured their commercial acumen and creative identity – one that matched the sky high vision and production value they’re known for.

The solution

We created a premium brand with a unique point of view. One that spoke to the sophistication, strength, innovation and sheer quality that Weekend brings to its clients. Weekend was founded in 2016 – the visual identity helped establish them as a new icon.

What we did

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Digital design
  • User experience
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The Big W is a monolithic object. It grabs attention and intrigues. Escheresque, it appears to face both left and right.

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We gave Weekend a cultured, iconic, premium brand that conveys the quality and power of their work.

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Right S Ide
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HelloYes dreamt up and created Weekend’s entire visual world. Online, and off.

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We shaped a brand as bold as Weekend’s ambitions. A creative expression and a commercial tool.

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When it comes to creative development, HelloYes are a dream to work with, interrogating the needs and parameters of each project with experience and professionalism. Their keen eye for design is neither faddish nor corporate, and their brand work really excites the mind and challenges expectations.

Teddy Powell - Head of Film Weekend